World Federation of Neurology Awards 2023

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Dear Delegates, and Member Societies,

On behalf of the trustees, it is my privilege to announce this year’s:

World Federation of Neurology Awards 2023

Call for Nominations

The WFN offers 3 medals/awards for which suitable persons* can be nominated, which will be a sign of excellence and the recipients will be rewarded for:

Service to International Neurology

Service to Neurology on an international and global level.

Click here to see the previous recipients.

Scientific Achievement in Neurology

Scientific achievement and projects, which have global impact and innovation.

Click here to see the previous recipients.

Ted Munsat Prize

A prize dedicated to service in neurological education, named after Ted Munsat, and cosponsored by the AAN and WFN.

Click here to see the previous recipients.

The medals will be awarded during the 2023 World Congress of Neurology in Montreal, Canada. (https://wfneurology.org/activities/world-congress-of-neurology-2023)

Nominations are invited to be made from by WFN member societies or by individual members of a WFN Financial member society. All nominations should be submitted via the online form at the following link below.

Award Nominations

Further details on all of the awards can be found at here.

Nominations must reach the London office by Friday 26th April 2023

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